FeLV With Love Memorials
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This memorial site is dedicated to those FeLV kitties that came into our lives and stole our hearts!.

FeLV With Love Memorials is a virtual memorial for cherished pets and people in spirit. We are trying to provide a place where anyone who has lost a much loved pet or person in their lives can write a memorial to them and share it with anyone they would like to share it with. The money raised is used to keep the FeLVTalk List up and running, this list is a haven of knowledge and support for anyone finding themselves with an FeLV+ cat. 100% of the money donated is used to keep the support list up and running.

Feline Leukemia is a deadly virus that can possibly take cats lives by compromising their immune systems and leaving them open to opportunistic diseases. It is a very misunderstood virus, with so much misinformation out there on the internet. So we would like to educate the public about this disease so that when they go to a vet that recommends euthanasia as many do when a cat tests positive, they will be armed with knowledge that no cat should be euthanized simply because they test positive. For even more information about FeLV and support groups see our links page. We also have a chatroom open to all.

Sample Memorial (Buddie)
We understand the grief of losing a cherished and much loved pet or person. We felt that this site would help loved ones express their feelings about their dearly departed loved ones and at the same time possibly help them gain closure. And in doing so it will also help us raise the money we need to save kitties that more often than not have their lives ended when they test positive for FeLV. It is our hope that our "FeLV With Love Memorials" website accomplishes this.

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To write a beautiful memorial for a much loved and missed pet or person, please click here.
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